Save Our Greenbelt!

Broxtowe's precious green belt is under threat of development.

Anna Soubry MP is urging everyone throughout the Borough to take part in a consultation and say a resounding "no" to thousands of houses on our green belt.

Broxtowe is the most densely populated Borough in Nottinghamshire with very little green belt; the only places to build new houses are either brown field sites or green belt land. Unlike other parts of the country all our fields are green belt and although the Government has promised to continue to protect it, Broxtowe Borough Council have agreed thousands of houses should be built on it.

The controlling Labour/Lib Dem group has agreed to a target set by the previous Government, to build up to 6,000 houses. Conservative Councillors say it is far too high and wanted to debate the future of house building in the Borough on Wednesday evening. The controlling group refused to allow that debate to take place.

Anna Soubry MP believes Broxtowe has made a number of flawed decisions" I wrote to every Councillor this week in advance of the planned debate and urged them to abandon the target. In Rushcliffe, the Council has not accepted the housing target determined by the last Government".

Unlike Broxtowe, Rushcliffe is consulting with residents first, they will then draw up a plan and then set a housing figure this is something Broxtowe could and should be doing.

" The Government has made a commitment to maintain the special protection given to green belt but if the Borough accepts building on green belt they will make it almost impossible to stop the developers". Anna has spoken to the Secretary of State, Eric Pickles who agrees Broxtowe should not accept a target before consulting with people. On Monday September 4th he told the House of Commons " the green belt will be protected under this coalition Government, unlike under the previous Labour Government, who promised to build on it."

On Thursday, the Leader of the House of Commons said "What comes out of the recent debate in the press is the importance of local authorities having a local plan, so that there is some certainty on which areas are designated for development and which are not. The allegation is that if there is no plan, there will be a free-for-all, but that is simply not the case. Authorities must continue to abide by the national policy framework, which gives specific protection to the green belt, areas of outstanding natural beauty and sites of special scientific interest."

For some reason Broxtowe's ruling group is determined to press ahead with their plans to allow development on green belt sites, set a target first and then consult with residents.

Broxtowe has also in effect given the go-ahead to allow developement on two green belt sites - Field Farm between Stapleford and Trowell and on the fields currently separating Toton and Stapleford. " Broxtowe is in real danger of being concreted over; a huge urban sprawl of housing developments swallowing up towns like Stapleford, Trowell and Kimberely and destroying communities like Toton, Watnall, and Nuthall. The Localism Bill returns powers to local people but Broxtowe seems determined to rail road their plans in the face of the views of residents throughout the Borough who value our green belt".

Get the facts and have your say - deadline October 3rd.

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