Recent Campaigns

Your local Conservatives are always looking to make sure that your area is as great as it can be. At the moment, across the constiuency, your Parliamentary Candidate, Anna Soubry, councillors and council candidates are working hard to ensure that Broxtowe is not getting a hard deal. Please see below some of the things we are doing to help you locally.

Don't Build On Our Green Belt!

Broxtowe Conservatives are opposing the Labour/Lib Dem plans on Broxtowe Borough Council to build over 5700 new homes on Broxtowe's precious green belt.  

Over the coming weeks and months, Broxtowe Conservatives will be out and about talking to local residents who may be affected  by these changes.  Please keep updated with this website to ensure that you are up to date with the most recent news.

Cllr. Craig Cox, Conservative Spokesman for Housing, said: "As Conservatives, we believe that we need to protect the Green Belt against unnecessary development.  We'll keep everyone updated as to the progress of our campaign to make sure that, as the most densely populated borough in Nottinghamshire already, we won't be even more crowded." 

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Toton Library

Thanks to hard work by your local MP, Anna Soubry, and Conservatives councillors in Toton and Chilwell Meadows, the library is now staying open. In discussions with Nottingham County Council, the hours of opening will now be 15 hours per week which is up from the 7 that were originally planned. This is excellent news for the residents of Toton, and the great number of people who use the libraries services. Nottinghamshire County Council recently passed a motion that would allow residents to donate their old books to the library, which is great for those wishing to help out their local community by sharing their well read books!

Toton Trees

You'll all be aware of the disgraceful events which saw the beautiful areas around the sidings being ruined by tree felling. Your local Conservatives are currently pressing the Forestry Commission and the Council to make sure the situation is dealt with as quickly as possible so that we can all enjoy the landscape as it was once before.

Car Parking Charges

As you will know, the Labour and Liberal Democrat run Council have imposed incredibly unpopular and unneccessary car parking charges that are affecting residents across the community. As local Conservatives, we are looking into options that will ease the burden on local people with our aspiration that these charges should be abolished as soon as possible.