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Anna Soubry MP re-elected and we take control of Broxtowe Borough Council

Anna Soubry MP was re-elected as BROXTOWE MP with a majority of over 4,000.We also took CONTROL of Broxtowe Borough Council and now hold 27 of the 44 seats available.We would like to thank everyone that made this result possible and assure you that we will use our best endeavours to uphold the trust of the residents that have voted for us and will work tirelessly for ALL the residents of BROXTOWE BOROUGH COUNCIL.

Vote for Anna Soubry today!

 Life long Labour voters like Nick Jones, former Lib Dems like Mel Crow and staunch Independents like Kimberley's Roy Plumb are all voting for Anna Soubry. They recognise she's worked hard for Broxtowe putting our interests first.